Life at IGRUA

Life at IGRUA - as Perceived by Trainees

Here is a 360 degree view of the happenings in world’s best aviation academy, apart from the resilient academic schedules; IGRUA also favors a plethora of extra curriculum and zestful activities.

IGRUA, our esteemed Akademi provides us with all the facilities and training that will enable a cadet to become better person, both professionally and personally. Within a short span of 18 months, IGRUA changes you into a high caliber professional.

image of 18 Months @IGRUA

The training provided here during the initial 4 months is tough and disciplined, but doesn’t fail to keep the motivation and interest high of the individual. Life is all about “survival of the fittest”, keeping that in mind, our Akademi has a well-equipped gym, both for girls and boys separately.

The Akademi is always so green and clean and you can feel the freshness in air while going out for a walk or jogging. Our newly built swimming pool gives you a cool fun during the summer time and is open from morning till late evening. When it comes to sports, we have a football ground, basketball court, volleyball court, indoor badminton, and squash court and table tennis tables in each hostels.

Yet when it comes to recreation activities IGRUA doesn’t stand far apart. Both the boys and girls have a fullyair-conditioned TV room with best music system of its own for the interest of the cadets during their leisure. The TV rooms are all WiFi enabled. If you have got some taste for the drums and strings or the keyboard then the music room with all music instruments is a right place for you.

Image of Life in Igrua

The airconditioned, fully white, mess hall provides the best balanced nutritious meal to each cadet. After dinner, if you would still love to have some fun time, all the cadets meet at the shopping complex to celebrate a birthday party or a course completion by cutting cakes and having some of best memorable times in IGRUA. Once in a while, the Akademi has its own DJ party and jamming sessions, which is popularly called in IGRUA as “The Sector X party”. Every Sunday, the fully air conditioned modern auditorium acts a movie theatre where some of the best box office hits are played, with the same ambience as in a multiplex theatre. The same auditorium also hosts some of best times for the cricket lovers to watch India’s cricket matches live, with the same spirit.

image of Dinning Hall

IGRUA also has an annual full-fledged high spirited exuberant fest of its own called “Full Throttle”, where the aspiring flying cadet gets a chance to express his talents in various fields of performing arts.

As the course completion nears, the realization dawns that very soon one will miss all this funfilled fulfilling time spent at IGRUA and soon you will be an ex IGRUAN. At the same time the chest swells in pride at the thought of the professionalism that IGRUA has imparted to each of us.

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