The Engineering Department has trained and dedicated staff and well-equipped workshop for reliable and efficient maintenance of the aircraft and its components. The maintenance is done as per the maintenance program specified by the manufacturer and approved by the Indian Civil Aviation Authorities. The Engineers certify airworthiness of the aircraft and declare them fit for flying. Two huge Hangars provide space for housing the aircraft and for carrying out various maintenance activities. The Hangars include the following:

Quality Control Cell

  • The Cell has stringent monitoring system to ensure compliance of all airworthiness requirements and has a fool proof recording system to keep a track of maintenance schedules on the aircraft, life of major components installed, updating of aircraft logbooks and compliance of Service Bulletins/Airworthiness Directives/ Modifications on the aircraft. The QC cell also assists the Flight Safety Officer in the investigation of incidents and ensuring necessary steps for corrective action for flight safety.

Avionics Shop

  • The shop has dust free environment with temperature and humidity control. It meets the DGCA requirements for undertaking bench check, functional check and FTD/ Repair of VHF/HF communication systems and navigation systems such as ADF/VOR ILS/GPS/DME/ Transponder/ Radio Altimeter and Weather Radar. The shop is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment and test benches to undertake specified jobs.

Battery Shop

  • Both Lead Acid and Ni-Cd batteries of aircraft are maintained, for routine charging, capacity testing, balancing of electrolyte and overhaul.

Instruments Shop

  • It is used for servicing various aircraft instruments, flight and engine instruments installed on our aircraft fleet.

Bonded & Tools Store

  • It is air-conditioned with humidity and temperature control. It stores aircraft spares under specified storage conditions. It has a complete set-up for procuring aircraft spares and maintaining record of existing inventory and its minimum float level. It also keeps record of release notes of received goods, their storage and shelf-life and computerized record of issue of spares to technical personnel. The Tools Store contains all sophisticated tools including precision measuring instruments and special tools.

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Shop

  • Integrity of the aircraft parts is ascertained without damaging the same by carrying out NDT tests. Sophisticated machines/ tools are available in the shop for carrying out such inspections including magnetic particle inspection and fluorescent penetrate inspection. Aircraft parts that are subjected to varying loads and stresses during various flying conditions undergo such inspection periodically.
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