The Akademi has very sound infrastructure available for flying training as follows:

  • Technical-Cum-Operational area and a domestic campus covering a total area of 239 acres.
  • Ground training unit with Air-Conditioned Classrooms equipped with multimedia projector and sound system and CBT lab with interactive CD's and multimedia projector.
  • A fleet of 24 Aircraft comprising 5 Trinidad TB-20, 4 Zlin, 13 Diamond DA40. Two DA42.
  • Two most modern DA40 Simulators with phenomenal visuals to aid realistic training
  • One most modern DA42 Simulator with phenomenal visuals to aid realistic training
  • Two fixed base Cockpit Procedure Trainers for TB-20 Aircraft with Visual.
  • Touch panel trainers, WOMBAT Pilot Aptitude Testing Device, CBT System.
  • Air-conditioned class rooms.
  • A totally independent and dedicated Runway of 1722 m length.
  • Its own ATC and Fire Fighting facilities & Rrefuelling Station.
  • Modern Navigational Aids like VOR DME, ILS DME
  • Night Flying facilities
  • Dedicated Airspace for flying training.
  • Three fully closable Hangars equipped with up-to-date workshops.
  • Separate boys and girls hostels.
  • Indoor-Squash and Badminton courts, Sports Ground and a Gymnasium.
  • Independent water supply system and electrical generators.
  • Newly constructed Swimming pool and auditorium
Image of Classroom


Image of Maintenance Area

Maintenance Area

Image of Flight Line

Flight Line

Image of Flight Operations

Flight Operations

Image of Flight Operations

Flight Operations

Image of Hangars and Workshops

Hangars and Workshops

Image of Auditorium


Image of Own Fuel Station Fuel Bouzers

Own Fuel Station Fuel Bouzers

Image of Sports


Image of Sports


Image of Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Computer Laboratory

Today technology plays a vital role in evolving, researching and in making a documentation. To keep the students updated and to fulfill this requirement IGRUA has established a highly sophisticated equipped lab with all the latest software to make the students proficient in wide range of computer applications and Computer Based Training related to Flying.


There are two Libraries : one at Ground Training Department which is the main Library and another one at Flight Operations. To keep an update with the latest happenings and to correlate it to the history, merging it with technology the students need the resource of information. The library at IGRUA maintains the record of the entire requirement to cater to the need of students. It has incorporated collections of prints, visuals, and creative resources which are systematically organized with the help of Library Management Software. The list of books is being upgraded as per the requirement from time to time.

Image of Library


In Campus Hostel

IGRUA is a flying Akademi and the students coming from different regions of India and studying at IGRUA have a privilege of well-secured homely atmosphere in the in-campus hostel of IGRUA which can accommodate almost 200 students. The students can avail this opportunity on first come first serve basis, others would have to opt for our outside hostel facility and transportation.

Image of Residential Campus

Residential Campus

Image of Boys Hostel

Boys Hostel

Image of Girls and Boys Hostel

Girls and Boys Hostel


The Mess serves hygienic and good quality food with a wide variety of availability of snacks at a reasonable price.


Necessary Transport facilities are available.

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